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The Right to Repair bill did not get out of our State House of Representatives last session. It would give us the right to have our computers and electronics repaired by independent service people or repair them ourselves. It speaks directly to our environmental stewardship and simplicity testimonies.  Thank you all for doing your part and showing up to vote yes at the public hearings. Today, together with our lobbyist, members from the ESWG met with the amazing Representative Gregerson who was the sponsor of the bill to discuss what happened. The public support was immense and the bill was heading toward a vote. The public schools lobbied hard for this bill because it would make it easier for them and their students to get their computers repaired and keep costs down. Then national lobbyists for Amazon, Google and the other big tech companies scared off the state reps in…

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Invasive Species

Environmental Stewardship Working Group Member, Sarah Grace Vasquez, has been following invasive species and their effects on the environment.  She shared these resources with us about how Washington State responds to invasive species. 1.The Department of Agriculture in Washington is concerned about Hornets and Beetles. a. The Dept. Ag runs a successful Facebook group called Asian Giant Hornet Watch b. They are running an education and eradication plan to fight the invasion of the Japanese Beetle and other invasive species 2. Department of Natural Resources are concerned about the spread of aquatic invasive species through water recreation. a. On April 20th, DNR announced a grant to eradicate the tree of heaven in the Wenatchee area. Here is a quote from the Facebook post announcing the plan: “DNR is proud to offer grant support for removing invasive tree-of-heaven and replanting native tree species to the Wenatchee Rescue Mission, which…

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