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Environmental Stewardship Action during 2019

On May 7th. Gov. Jay Inslee signed an unprecedented suite of clean energy legislation into law, ushering in aggressive timelines for decarbonizing Washington’s economy and transforming the state’s energy. Together, these measures represent the greatest step Washington has ever taken toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Successful bills: SB 5116 Establishes the clean energy transformation act. Addresses the elimination of coal-fired electricity and the transition of the state’s electricity supply to one hundred percent carbon neutral by 2030. Prime sponsor, Sen. Carlyle, passed the Senate 28-19, House 56-42. HB 1112 Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from hydrofluorocarbons. Rep Fitzgibbon , prime sponsor. Passed the house 55-39, Senate 30-19. SB 5397 Reducing Plastic pollution by responsible management of plastic packaging . Rep. Wolfes prime sponsor. Passed the house 75-23, Senate 45-4 HB 1257 Increases energy efficiency of buildings and the use of renewable fuels that reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions. Rep.…

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Thank you for coming to Quaker Lobby Day

A Quaker Voice Action Alert Sent on February 25, 2019 Dear Friends, Thanks you for participating in Quaker Lobby Day and bringing Friends testimonies to the state legislature! We will continue to keep you up to date through our issue Alerts and our website But right now, we would appreciate knowing how Quaker Lobby Day went for you, and what might be improved for next year. Let us know by directly responding to this email or responding to this survey. 1. How did the schedule work for you?  Any changes for next year? 2. How did the small-group discussions go?  Any recommendations? 3. What about the printed materials? 4. Which legislators (or their aides) did you get to talk with? Any interesting interactions ... or surprises you would like to pass on? And if you can, please send a note of thanks to your Representatives and Senator (or their…

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Environmental Stewardship Alert 2/13/19

Help Clean Up Washington’s Transportation Fuels An important bill that would improve the efficiency of fuel used for transportation in Washington State needs your support. HB 1110  and its companion bill in the Senate SB 5412 would establish a Clean Fuels Program to limit the greenhouse gas emissions per unit of transportation fuel energy in Washington State. Under HB 1110, greenhouse gas emissions would be reduced to 10 percent below 2017 levels by 2028 and 20 percent below 2017 levels by 2035. This bill is a crucial piece of a comprehensive effort to confront climate change, and will be receiving a hearing in the Transportation Committee this week. Please email or call your legislators and tell them you support House Bill 1110 and its Senate companion bill SB 5412, or simply follow this link and click on “comment on this bill” on the right-hand side to leave a comment that will…

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Environmental Stewardship Alert 2/5/19

Two bills crucial for the future of our state's ecology need help to make their way through the Washington State legislature. Both bills are important steps to prevent the worst effects of climate change: HB 1112 would direct both the Department of Ecology and the Department of Enterprise Services to facilitate the transition away from hydroflourocarbons, extreme greenhouse gases such as those used in refrigerating units, to less harmful hydrofluorocarbons or substitutes. Leave a comment on this bill for your legislator here. HB 1114 would confront a significant source of carbon emissions: food waste. Globally, roughly a third of food is wasted, and wasted food accounts for roughly 8% of global carbon emissions. This bill seeks to reduce food waste by 50% in Washington by 2030 by opening up grant funding to programs that reduce food waste in support of that mission. Leave a comment on this bill for your…

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Join Us for Our 11th Annual Quaker Lobby Day!

Quaker Lobby Day (11th Annual!) Monday, February 18, 2019 (Presidents’ Day), 9:00-3:00 Olympia Friends Meeting House Friends have been a leading voice for social justice for several centuries. Our voice in state government is critically important to many marginalized people in our state - including tens of thousands of state residents who have been enmeshed in the criminal justice system or suffer economic hardship - and who cannot speak effectively for themselves. Quaker Voice on Washington Public Policy invites you to participate in our 11th annual Quaker Lobby Day on Monday, Presidents’ Day, February 18th, 2019. The day will begin at 9 am at the Olympia Friends Meetinghouse, 3201 Boston Harbor Road, Olympia WA 98506.  There we will discuss our priority issues, such as addressing support for current and former prisoners, orca recovery, and preserving the safety net for those with limited resources.  We will then go to the Capitol…

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