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Years of Focused Persistence Pay Off

The 2018 legislative successes resulted from years of building relationships with allies, as well as legislators and their staffs. Finally, prisoners’ Legal Financial Obligations no longer accrue interest at 12% while they are in prison.  Quaker Voice led the successful 2018 effort to establish an independent corrections ombuds, concluding work begun in 2006. This wide variety of fellow legislative activists shows vividly the value of bringing together people with common goals, whether or not their reasons for these goals agree. Each group represented shares the joy of success as our work together produces legislative reform.

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Thank You for helping pass Criminal Justice Bills 2018

Friends,  We can all celebrate the passage in both houses of the state legislature of not one but two of the criminal justice bills that we have worked on for at least the past ten years An Independent Corrections Ombuds (HB 1889) passed the Senate last week on a 48 to 0 vote!  Because of some amendments in the Senate, this version will have to be returned to the House for final passage, and then sent to the Governor for his signature.  For the roll call in the Senate, see: Reform of Legal Financial Obligations (LFOs) for persons released from prison (HB 1783) also passed the Senate, with a 32 to 17 vote!  There were no amendments in the Senate, so the bill is expected to move directly to the Governor, for his signature.  For the roll call in the Senate, see: If your legislators voted for these…

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