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Quaker Voice Legislative Report 2019

Download this report in PDF format here. Environment & Peace Successful bills: HB 1112 begins the process of phasing out hydroflourocarbons. (HFC’s) HFC’s are chemicals used as refrigerants in common appliances like air conditioners and refrigerators, which can have greenhouse impact thousands of times more than CO2. HB 1112 passed in two different forms in the Senate and the House. The Senate version pushed back implementation by one year, but after being rejected by the House the Senate passed the bill without amendments. This bill is now in the hands of the Governor, who plans to sign it. HB 1114 was a great illustration of the many intersecting needs involved in the climate debate. Globally, roughly a third of food…

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Environmental Stewardship Action during 2019

On May 7th. Gov. Jay Inslee signed an unprecedented suite of clean energy legislation into law, ushering in aggressive timelines for decarbonizing Washington’s economy and transforming the state’s energy. Together, these measures represent the greatest step Washington has ever taken toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Successful bills: SB 5116 Establishes the clean energy transformation act. Addresses the elimination of coal-fired electricity and the transition of the state’s electricity supply to one hundred percent carbon neutral by 2030. Prime sponsor, Sen. Carlyle, passed the Senate 28-19, House 56-42. HB 1112 Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from hydrofluorocarbons. Rep Fitzgibbon , prime sponsor. Passed the house 55-39, Senate 30-19. SB 5397 Reducing Plastic pollution by responsible management of plastic packaging . Rep. Wolfes…

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Criminal Justice Outcomes in the 2019 Session

Groundwork has been laid in the 2019 session for several criminal juistice efforts, which we will pursue in the upcoming 2020 session. These includes voting rights for previously convicted persons now released and under community supervision, establishing a post-conviction review board, reform of penalties for driving with license suspended 3, and abolishing the death penalty. Quaker Voice understands that its work is long term; success on many bills requires several sessions. See the Criminal Justice page for information about specific bills.

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