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(Last reviewed February 10, 2023)

  • Verna Lilly is Clerk of the Economic Justice Working Group. Contact Verna Lilly.
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The Quaker Voice Economic Justice Working Group is focusing on three priorities in the upcoming session:  Housing Justice, Mental Health Workforce Development, and Guaranteed Basic Income. In advocating for those most economically vulnerable, we are focused on the intersections between people of color, people living with disabilities, and people with housing insecurity, among other conditions that may cause one to be economically at risk. We seek and advocate for a just and sustainable economy in which all Washington residents can thrive.

Source:, 10 Year Plan

Washington State has the heart to take care of everyone, but often not the revenue due to our regressive tax system, the most upside-down among U.S. states. We support proposals that move toward correcting that problem.

Please See 2023 Economic Justice Priorities for issues this working group is focused on in the 2023 legislative session and stay tuned as specific bills are proposed.

Other issues also create burdens for low-income households, including education and health equity, insurance rates based on credit rating, and debt-based driver’s license suspension. We follow and act on these as the opportunity arises.

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