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Economic Justice Legislative Priorities for the 2024 Legislative Session

(Updated November 22, 2023)

The Quaker Voice Economic Justice Working Group is focusing on three priorities in the upcoming session:  Rent Stability, Washington Health Trust, and Guaranteed Basic Income. In advocating for those most economically vulnerable, we are focused on the intersections between people of color, people living with disabilities, and people with housing insecurity, among other conditions that may cause one to be economically at risk. We seek and advocate for a just and sustainable economy in which all Washington residents can thrive.

Rent Stability – 

Quaker voice advocates for housing that all people can afford to purchase or rent allows easy transportation between work and home, and is economically and racially diverse. Dramatic increases in rental rates, combined with industry practices and policies that destabilize households that rent, is seriously hindering realization of this vision as nearly 50 percent of households in Washington now spend more than 30% of household income on rent. This in turn constricts household funds available for food, education, healthcare, transportation, and living where one needs or desires to live.

HB 2114/ SB5961 — Improving housing stability for tenants. Click here for a downloadable information sheet on rent stabilization. 

Washington Healthcare Trust – 

The Covid crisis highlighted an inequity in health care that many had previously. Namely, that access to affordable, full health care coverage was disproportionately available. It was noted noted that this inequality most effected low income and communities of color.

SB 5335  –  Developing the Washington Health Trust. Click here for a downloadable information sheet on this bill. 

SB 5335 would create the Washington universal Health trust to implement The Whole Washington Plan. This plan would create Washington Health Care trust single payer plan with full coverage for all Washington . This plan would be free at point of service to all Washington residents and financed by employer and employee payroll tax, tax on earning of self employed and capital gains taxes.

Guaranteed Basic Income (GBI) –

HB 1045  –  Creating the evergreen basic income pilot program. Click here for a downloadable information sheet on basic income support. 

Funding for Guaranteed Basic Income (GBI) is vital to creating financial security for some of our state’s most vulnerable residents. This would make it possible for many Washington residents to have discretionary funds necessary to pay for essentials like groceries, insurance, utilities, or rent. Monthly distributions would be based on a percentage of Area Median Income, which varies in different parts of the state. Quaker Voice supports the creation of the Evergreen Basic Income Trust which will provide funding for a Washington State pilot GBI program.

Support Bills – 

To be determined

We invite those who share our concern for economic justice issues to learn more and join in this effort. Contact Verna Lilly to be added to the email list for this group.






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