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Economic Justice Legislative Priorities for the 2022 Legislative Session

Quaker Voice seeks economic justice and equity for all residents.  This encompasses poverty reduction, affordable housing, and other safety-net provisions to help people have a sustainable living standard.  

The Economic Justice working group strongly promoted three legislative priorities in the 2022 Legislative Session. These were:

  • HB 1782 – Creating additional middle housing near transit and in areas traditionally dedicated to single-family detached housing.
  • SB 5576 – Addressing landlord-tenant relations by providing technical changes to eviction notice and summons forms and modifying certain eviction processes and programs.
  • SB 5854 – Establishing a paraprofessional category of Behavioral Health Support Specialist

While none of these bills passed, the working group made gains in building collaborative relationships with legislators, and like-minded organizations as well as improving how it engages with the legislative process. Our next steps are to build on lessons learned in advocating for housing justice, mental health workforce development and other economic concerns as we go into the 2023 legislative session. We invite those who share our concern for economic justice issues to learn more and join in this effort. Click here, Contact Us, for the link page on the Quaker Voice home page.






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