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Quaker Voice on Washington Public Policy is a Washington Non-Profit Corporation

The specific purposes for which the corporation is formed are to educate members of the Religious Society of Friends and other citizens regarding public policy issues in the state of Washington, and to educate policy-making officials in the various branches of state government with respect to issues which touch upon deeply held Friends values and concerns.

The members of the Quaker Voice on Washington Public Policy are any members of the Religious Society of Friends – or people who regularly attend a Quaker organization (e.g., monthly, quarterly or yearly meeting, church or worship group) – who reside in Washington state and who:
  1. Express an interest in the work of the organization, and
  2. Provide their contact information to the organization so they may be informed of the annual membership meeting. Click here to Join Us.
The Board of Directors is appointed at the annual membership meeting and serves as the decision making body for Quaker Voice. Click here to read Quaker Voice By-laws.

Quaker Voice’s Current Officers and Staff

Click the + sign next to someone’s name for more information and a contact form.

Contact the Quaker Voice Clerk, Susan Campbell
Contact the Quaker Voice Treasurer, Noell Krughoff
Contact the Clerk of Finance and Fundraising, Terry Thorsos
Contact the Clerk of the QV Criminal Justice Working Group, Sam Merrill
Contact the Clerks of the Economic Justice Working Group: Susan Cozzens and Steven Aldrich
Contact the Clerk of the QV Environmental Stewardship Working Group, Maggie Aspland

Noah – in his own words:

Noah Martin is a traveler, musician, and activist who grew up here in Washington. Focusing on education and criminal justice policy, Noah earned his B.A. in comparative politics from Oberlin College before serving as the manager and recruiter of a mentoring program for at-risk youth. Seeing the devastation that homelessness can cause to families, Noah went on to work for the Downtown Emergency Services Center supporting the most vulnerable people in Seattle. Having worked directly in the fields of youth development and homelessness, Noah brings a much-needed fresh perspective to Olympia with a talent for examining problems on a systemic level.

Noah’s experience has taught him that any effective policy needs to be constructed from the ground up, responding directly to needs as they are expressed by the community itself. In his work, Noah seeks to be ever mindful of the credo of Lilla Watson,”lf you have come here to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.” A listener at heart, Noah encourages Friends and their allies to reach out, communicate and teach him how to best represent the Friends community of Washington.

Contact the Quaker Voice Lobbyist, Noah Martin

Gabi Clayton is a Quaker, nontheist, artist, web designer and book editor, (Mud Flat Press), counselor, wife-mom-grandma, she/her pronouns.

Contact the Quaker Voice Webspinner, Gabi Clayton

QV Board:

Meeting Person
Agate Passage  Leni Skarin
Eastside  Terry Thorsos
Olympia  Susan Campbell
Olympia  Sam Merrill
University  Maggie Aspland
Eastside Susan Cozzens
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