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Washington state developing standard on wildfire smoke and outdoor workers | 2020-11-18 | Safety ...

Earth’s climate is now changing faster than at any point in the history of modern civilization, primarily as a result of human activities. The impacts of global climate change are already being felt in the United States and are projected to intensify in the future—but the severity of future impacts will depend largely on actions taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to adapt to the changes that will occur. Climate-related risks will continue to grow without additional action. Decisions made today determine risk exposure for current and future generations and will either broaden or limit options to reduce the negative consequences of climate change. While Americans are responding in ways that can bolster resilience and improve livelihoods, neither global efforts to mitigate the causes of climate change nor regional efforts to adapt to the impacts currently approach the scales needed to avoid substantial damages to the U.S. economy, environment, and human health and well-being over the coming decades.

Environmental Stewardship Priorities for 2023

(updated 1/27/2023)

  • HB1392. Right to Repair:

    Right to repair addresses issues of economic inequality and environmental stewardship. Manufacturers currently make their products harder to repair so that they can monopolize the repair market. Promoting the fair servicing and repair of digital electronic products in a safe, secure, reliable, and sustainable manner to increase access to appropriate and affordable digital products, support small businesses and jobs, and enhance digital connectivity in Washington state.

    Sponsors: GregersonKretzRyuDentBerryFitzgibbonReedRamelPolletMacri

  • We will be choosing our other priorities bills from this list
    • HB1085 – Reducing Plastic Pollution 

      HB 1433 – Housing Energy 

      HB 1381 – Salmon-safe Communities

      HB1170 – Climate Resilience
  • Please contact us at Environmental Stewardship if you have interest in any of these bills or in other issues.

Additional Environmental Stewardship Attentions:

  • Bills or budget items that weaken the Climate Commitment, Clean Fuel Standards, or Clean Energy Transformation Acts

See Environmental Stewardship resources here.

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