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Ask the Governor to sign the Voting Rights bill


With the House concurrence today, both the Senate and the House have now passed the Voting Rights Restoration bill HB 1517 in the same form, so it goes to the Governor. Please contact Governor Chris Gregoire to say that she has your support for signing this bill into law. You can leave her a message through the legislative hotline at 1-800-562-6000 or through her office at 360-902-4111.

Despite an unfortunate amendment added in the Senate, this bill is a major advance in democratic rights for thousands and thousands of ex-prisoners who have completed all supervision by the Department of Corrections. Helping them feel that they have a stake in a democratic society is part of their becoming productive citizens and not returning to prison.

Thanks for all your help!

Sam Merrill, Clerk, Legislative Committee Friends Committee on Washington Public Policy

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