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FCWPP Public Policy Priorities: 2012

 Specific bills to implement the priorities are indicated if available. Criminal Justice
  • Restorative Justice (HB 1775): Support increased use of restorative justice programs as options for diversion of juvenile offenders
  • Maintain and expand earned early release (SB 5866) and parole (HB 2521)
  • Retain funding for alcohol and drug dependency treatment programs as alternatives to incarceration
  • Repeal the Death Penalty (SB 6283; HB 2468)
  • Legalize and regulate marijuana use and cultivation, treating its abuse as a public health issue (medical use of marijuana is SB 6265)

 Economic Justice

  • Health Care: Establish a public option for the health insurance exchange at the state level
  • Family Planning: Increase state support
  • Social Safety Net: Protect and repair what is left of the social safety net, including Basic Health Plan and Disability Lifeline
  • Tax Reform: Make the state tax structure more equitable and create revenue needed to restore and retain basic services such as education and health care

 Civil Rights

  • Marriage Equality (SB 6239): Support marriage for same-sex couples

 Local Responses to Global Challenges

  • Oppose attempts to weaken, delay, or roll back state environmental laws
  • Establish a State Financial Institution (HB 2434; SB 6310) to increase state revenue and provide needed capital to stimulate the economy
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