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FCWPP Public Policy Summary Agenda for 2013

Approved January 18, 2013

Criminal Justice

  • Restorative Justice: Support educational programs for and increased use of restorative justice programs as options for diversion of juvenile offenders
  • Repeal the Death Penalty
  • Gun Violence: Study the causes of and possible ways to reduce gun violence


Equality and Economic Justice, including Health Care

  • Increase access to health care by supporting Medicaid expansion, Medical Care Services, and Navigators to help people use the Health Benefits Exchange
  • Women’s and Children’s Health and Family Planning: Increase state support
  • Tax Reform: Make the state tax structure more equitable and create revenue needed to restore and retain basic services such as education and health care

Local Responses to Global Challenges

  • Preserve or enhance state environmental laws
  • Advocate energy generation methods with the least impact on the environment and oppose ports and the use of rails for the transmission of coal
  • Support efforts to increase state resources by creating a state financial institution

Proposed legislation will be monitored and supported or opposed as it is found in keeping with our values and public policy priorities. See the FCWPP website for the more detailed FCWPP Public Policy Work Plan for 2013.

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