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Help Create a Taskforce to Review Offender Programs, Sentencing and Supervision

We are excited that SB-6308 has passed out of the Senate and is now in the House Rules Committee.  


Please contact House Rules members to request a pull for second reading (debate) and third reading (floor vote).  This is the last step for passage!


This bill would establish a joint committee to examine prison programs, sentencing and community supervision to find evidence based methods to reduce recidivism and help ex-offenders transition successfully back into society.

We cannot continue to build prisons or even to send people back to prison.  Studies show that three out of five offenders will re-offend after release and some federal studies suggest that this number is as high as two out of three. Programs that give offenders skills and support systems have proven successful in reducing recidivism. Crime victims also support programs that
can put offenders back into community as a productive member of society.  

Below is a list of the House Rules members.


Frank Chopp – Chair (D) 
Brian Blake (D) 
Judy Clibborn (D) 
Dennis Flannigan (D) 
Bill Grant (D) 
Zack Hudgins (D) 
Sam Hunt (D) 
Lynn Kessler (D) 
John Lovick (D) 
Dawn Morrell (D) 
Sharon Tomiko Santos 


Richard DeBolt (R)      
Mike Armstrong (R)      
Glenn Anderson (R) 
Jan Shabro (R) 
Rodney Tom (R) 
Doug Ericksen (R) 
Joyce McDonald (R) 
John Serben (R)         )

All can be reached by phone through the legislative hot line: 800-562-6000. 

In your call or email, you should  mention the bill passed the Senate unanimously.  Calls or emails to GOP members might mention it’s prime sponsor is Senator Carrell, and co-sponsored by Senators: Stevens, Schoesler, Schmidt, and Oke.

Thank you for your invaluable assistance as we speak our testimonies to our Legislators.

Deric Young
FCWPP Legislative Committee

To contact your FCWPP Lobbyist, Roger Kluck, email
 or call him at 206-856-4444.
How to Contact Your Legislators:

During business hours, you can leave a message for all three of your legislators and the Governor at the toll free hotline (the operators can even tell you who your legislators are!)    
Use to identify your legislators. Contact information for your
senators can then be found at  ,
and for representatives is at

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