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Help prevent rollback on clean energy!

Dear Friends,

In 2006, voters approved I-937 to guarantee that by 2020, 15% of the electricity from Washington’s largest utilities comes from new renewable energy sources. But the special interests who oppose I-937 want to use this year’s legislative session to undo its clean energy standards.

The state Senate recently voted by a 27-21 margin to pass a bill that will gut I-937’s renewable energy standard. If signed into law, Senate Bill 5840 will cut the amount of new renewable power called for in I-937 by as much as 75 percent!Changes put forth in the bill include allowing utilities to count existing renewable power projects built as far back as 1890.

Click here to contact your Representative today and urge them to stop Senate Bill 5840!

Washington voted to pass Initiative 937 in order to increase the development of new sources of renewable energy in our state. Cutting back our renewable energy development just doesn’t make sense in these economic times when these investments will create jobs and put money back into local communities.

Senate bill 5840 now moves to the House, where our state representatives will decide the fate of I-937. If this bill passes, our state would be the first in the nation to turn its back on new renewable energy development.

Take action by contacting your Representative today! Urge them to stop Senate Bill 5840

Urge you legislator to support

the Governor climate

change bill.

Legislative Hot Line (800) 562-6000

Bill 5840.

We need your help to stop Senate Bill 5840 from rolling back I-937 in response to the industries and special interests who oppose clean energy. Help us hold yourrepresentative accountable for preserving voters’ passage of I-937.

Thanks for all you do,

Daniel Clark, Chair Local Response to Global Changes Working Group Friends Committee on Washington Public Policy 509-522-0399,  PO Box 1222, Walla Walla WA 99362

Kerri Chechovic

Washington Environmental Council

1402 Third Avenue, Suite 1400 Seattle, Washington 98101

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