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  1. The QSLAN Prison Working Group held a first sharing session On February 25, 2022.

         Quakers, Prisons, and State Governments – what can we accomplish?

         Panel presentations by

            Phil Caroom and Jim Rose of the Maryland Alliance for Justice Reform

            José Santos Woss, Director for Justice Reform, Friends Committee on National Legislation

            Natalie Holbrook and Demetrius Titus, Michigan Criminal Justice Program, American Friends Service Committee

         A video of that event is available here.

2. The National Council of State Legislators maintains a searchable database of state-level legislation on Sentencing and Corrections here. In April 2022, here were the tallies of state legislation in the subject categories:

State Legislation in NCSL database April 18, 2022
Statewide Sentencing and Corrections Legislation (
States Bills
Budget and Oversight 36 74
Community supervision 46 137
Correctional facility administration 45 145
Diversion and sentencing alternatives 25 38
Inmate programs 20 30
Reentry – various 36 85
Release and discharge 30 54
Sentencing and criminal penalties 29 66
Specialized populations 30 66
Treatment-based programs 41 84
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