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Support efforts to protect the public from oil transportation accidents and to reduce carbon pollution

Dear FCWPP Activist: The Environmental Stewardship and Peace Working Group asks your support for efforts to protect the public from oil transportation accidents by today contacting the two people who represent you in the state house and the one representing you in the state senate. Both the house and the senate have passed separate, and different, bills to address this issue. Each bill is now being amended and considered in the opposite chamber. Ask your two reps and senator to support HB 1449 as it was passed by the House. This bill protects the public, our environment, and property from injuries, damage, or death caused by accidents involving oil being transported by rail and water. Inform your legislators the increased risks to life and the environment allowed by SB 5057 as it passed the senate are unacceptable, and emphasize that you support the more comprehensive requirements for safety and culpability contained in HB 1449 as it passed the house. Click the links below for more information

Preserve our planet’s ability to sustain human life

Legislators supporting the proposal to reduce carbon pollution (HB 1314) inform us ongoing consideration is part of an important discussion that needs to continue. These advocates state they have been told polling results show strong public support for a carbon tax and that they — and their colleagues — now need constituents to confirm these results. We also know organizations are testing the waters to determine how viable an initiative campaign might be. Your voice is important to both conversations. If you have not already done so, please send your legislators an email supporting the governor’s proposal (HB 1314) to put a price on greenhouse gas emissions that reflects the real costs of global warming and ocean acidification. Click the links below for additional information.

In Light and Peace, Environmental Stewardship and Peace Working Group

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