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Support full funding of programs established to support Washingtonians who are disabled, blind, or aged.

Contact the two people who represent you in the House of Representatives and the one person in the Senate to request they support full funding of programs established to support Washingtonians who are disabled, blind, or aged. To contact a legislator, either send an email addressed using the form (e.g. Senator Jim Hargrove = ), or
  1. Click Legislator Finder (this will also give your legislators’ names)
  2. Input your home address and click on “Find My District“on the webpage
  3. Click on “E-mail” under the legislator’s address and phone information (you can also call and leave a message).
  4. Input your home address information on the new form that appears (sorry) and click on “Next >>” on the webpage
  5. Complete the final form, remember to click the circle requesting a response.

Senate cuts aid needed by disabled waiting for federal benefits Oregon Live reported last Friday, One of the most contentious cuts [in the Senate Budget] would eliminate a program that provides cash aid to blind, disabled or older people who are typically waiting for approval of federal benefits. Lawmakers would also cut $180 million from a state welfare program, including child care for the working poor (AP on 5034). Senator Hargrove, the lead Senate Democrat budget negotiator, and one who voted in support of the budget, stated, “Today the amendments that we have heard have made it clear that there are holes in this budget. The impassioned speeches have made that clear. We will need to talk to the House and Gov. Inslee about the inclusion of new revenue to fill those holes” (Budgetary Comments). The Senate Budget eliminates the Aged, Blind and Disabled program, effective July 1, 2013. Thismeans approximately 22,000 disabled people across the state receiving the $197 cash benefit will have this small, but critical benefit terminated. They will be eligible for Housing and Essential Needs (HEN) if they are homeless or at great risk of homelessness, but HEN is reduced and will not be able to continue serving all who are currently eligible. Ask the people who represent you to close tax loopholes if needed to raise revenue so that they can restore some of what was cut from these programs by past legislatures. Above all, let your representatives know you oppose additional cuts or elimination of support the disabled in our state rely on to keep a roof over their heads and to stay off the streets.

House Budget comes out Wednesday Tomorrow–Wednesday, April 10th–House Democrats will release their Budget by amending the budget that was passed Friday in the Senate by a 30-18 margin (click Budget Vote to see how your Senator voted).The House Budget will be heard at 3:30 pm by the House Appropriations Committee. You can watch the Hearing by streaming TVW coverage or hear it on the radio at 91.7 FM. We hope House Democrats who draft this budget will follow Governor Inslee’s lead by closing tax loopholes to increase revenue in order to better fund education (our K-12 class sizes are fourth largest in the nation and the number of college students graduating is in decline) and support the needs of those in our communities who can not work because of disabilities, blindness, or aging.

A strong vote in the House will make it easier to get Senators to modify their proposed budget. Your voice can help get that strong vote. Send an email or make a phone call today.

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