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Support HB 1588 – Requiring universal background checks for firearms transfers

FCWPP Alert:    Please ask your state legislators in the House of Representatives to support HB 1588 to close one loophole that allows felons and others to purchase guns through gun shows and private sales, even though it is illegal for them to possess firearms. 

Dear Friends,

Legislators who support HB 1588 hope to vote on the bill next week; however, it is not clear a majority will vote yes. Despite polling data this week showing 79 percent of the electorate supports a background check on all gun sales (see New Poll: 79%), some legislators report phone calls and emails favor opposition by a 20:1 ratio.

Your voice is needed, and so is your neighbor’s!

If you have not yet contacted the two people representing you in the Washington House of Representatives to ask them to vote in favor of HB 1588, please do so today. You can get your legislators’ names, phone numbers, and email addresses by clicking the following link, completing the form, and clicking the button: Find my legislators .

In addition, legislators from many districts where there are few Quakers also need to hear from constituents who support  HB 1588. Please contact friends and family in neighboring legislative districts to encourage them to ask their legislators support HB 1588. Feel free to forward this email.

HB 1588 strengthens our state’s background check system by requiring a background check for all gun purchases in Washington State.

Talking points:

  1. More Americans are killed within the US borders by gun violence than are killed in wars each year. 12,000 people were killed last year by gun violence in the US, 694 died in Washington. That is 31 times the number of NATO troops (402) killed last year in Afghanistan.
  2. While background checks prevent felons and individuals found to be a danger to themselves or others from purchasing guns through retail establishments, these same individuals can currently buy guns at gun shows and through private sales. This is because current law allows people to sell guns at gun shows and through private sales without doing a background check.
  3. HB 1588 closes the above dangerous loophole by mandating a background check before purchasing any firearm in our state.

Thank you for your support!

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