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Support Reform of Legal Financial Obligations for Persons Leaving Prison

Dear Friends, The House Judiciary Committee will hold a vote on Thursday, February 16 on HB 1783, which would reform Legal Financial Obligations (LFO’s). LFO’s are the fees, fines, restitution, and costs imposed by a court on top of a prison sentence. LFO’s often make it difficult for formerly incarcerated people to regain their lives and become well-functioning members of society, and this bill would seek to ease their transition back into public life. HB 1783 has three major provisions:

  1. Eliminates accrual of interest (now at 12%) on non-restitution LFO’s.
  2. Prohibits a court from imposing non-restitution LFO’s on a defendant who is indigent at the time of sentencing.
  3. Places restitution first in line to receive LFO payments.

You can find more information about the bill here. We have also attached a one-page summary to this email which we hope you will find helpful. HB 1783 is an issue that Quaker Voice has been working on for over a decade, and is one of our major priorities in the legislature this year. Please take a moment to call or email your representatives and urge them to support HB 1783.

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