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Support the Ombuds bill SB 5177

FCWPP Alert: Please contact your state senator to support the Ombuds bill SB 5177


Dear Friends,


   SB 5177 would set up a Corrections Ombuds, to be appointed by and reporting to the Governor and to serve as a bridge between prisoners and the Department of Corrections. 


Talking points:


  1. The purpose of the Ombuds’ office is to provide information about the Department of Corrections to offenders and their families, promote public awareness and understanding of the rights and responsibilities of offenders, identify system issues and compliance with relevant statutes, rules, and policies.


  1. The prisons and the Department of Corrections are isolated and hidden from most citizens.  The Ombuds would have the opportunity to inspect prisons and make specific recommendations about conditions that may impact the health, safety, welfare, and rehabilitation of offenders.


  1. In addition to addressing and resolving issues at DOC proactively, an Ombuds office that can resolve disputes that would otherwise lead to expensive litigation can be a major cost saver in the long run.


   SB 5177 passed unanimously in the Senate Human Services and Corrections Committee and is now before the Senate Ways and Means Committee.  Please contact your state Senator to support the Ombuds bill SB 5177, especially members of the Senate Ways and Means Committee, who are listed below.  The ombuds bill is available at  (Note: ombuds is the gender-neutral form of ombudsman.)


   Legislators’ email addresses are in the form:  , so, for example, Andy Hill is .  To find the names of your current legislators (several are new following the elections last November and you may be in a new legislative district due to redistricting), go to the website, select Find Your Legislator, and enter your street address.


   There is also a new feature this year on the website for sending comments about aparticular bill to your legislators.  On the site, choose Bill Information and then enter the bill number and Search.  When the window for that bill appears, choose Comment on this Bill.  You will need to register with a password the first time you use this feature.


   Thanks for all you do!



Steven Aldrich, Legislative Advocate and Policy Analyst

FCWPP Legislative Committee


Senate Ways and Means Committee:




Hill, Andy (R) Chair

JAC 303

(360) 786-7672

Baumgartner, Michael (R) Vice Chair

INB 202

(360) 786-7610

Honeyford, Jim (R) ****

INB 107

(360) 786-7684

Hargrove, James (D) *

LEG 411

(360) 786-7646

Nelson, Sharon (D) **

JAC 218

(360) 786-7667

Bailey, Barbara (R)

INB 109B

(360) 786-7618

Becker, Randi (R)

INB 110

(360) 786-7602

Braun, John (R)

INB 103

(360) 786-7638

Conway, Steve (D)

JAC 212

(360) 786-7656

Dammeier, Bruce (R)

INB 205

(360) 786-7648

Fraser, Karen (D)

LEG 314

(360) 786-7642

Hasegawa, Bob (D)

JAC 220

(360) 786-7616

Hatfield, Brian (D)

JAC 237

(360) 786-7636

Hewitt, Mike (R)

INB 204

(360) 786-7630

Keiser, Karen (D)

JAC 224

(360) 786-7664

Kohl-Welles, Jeanne (D)

JAC 219

(360) 786-7670

Murray, Ed (D)

LEG 316

(360) 786-7628

Padden, Mike (R)

INB 105

(360) 786-7606

Parlette, Linda Evans (R)

LEG 309

(360) 786-7622

Ranker, Kevin (D)

JAC 215

(360) 786-7678

Rivers, Ann (R)

LEG 405

(360) 786-7634

Schoesler, Mark (R)

LEG 305

(360) 786-7620

Tom, Rodney (D)

LEG 307

(360) 786-7694

*Ranking Member  **Asst. Ranking Member  ****Capital Budget Chair


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