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Here is a sample email you can send. Personalize it with your own message if you want. Then cut and paste all the committee member emails from the bottom of this page into the To: field and send it. To reach both committees, send this by Monday morning, February 13. After that time, you can still send it to the Senate committee until Tuesday morning, February 14, by removing the references to HB 1589 and the salutation to the House committee. 


Subject line: Modify HB 1589 and SB 5562

To members of the House Committee on Environment & Energy and the Senate Committee on Environment, Energy & Technology:

I am writing with regards to HB 1589 and SB 5562, “Supporting Washington’s clean energy economy and transitioning to a clean, affordable, and reliable energy future.” I would support HB 1589 and SB 5562 only if the language is removed that would allow utilities to put expensive electrification equipment into the rate base without opposition. Please make that revision then support the bill.

Tackling the issue of reducing gas consumption is important both for the climate and for vulnerable populations.  As people become more aware of the negative health impacts from gas stoves and furnaces and more concerned about their personal carbon footprints, more and more residential and commercial customers who can afford to do it will switch to all electric. This move would leave those without the means to switch paying higher and higher gas prices as fewer gas customers are available to carry the infrastructure load. I am therefore glad to see that the bill includes outreach plans, targeted programs, and prioritized investments for low-income customers, vulnerable populations, and highly impacted communities.

I encourage the legislature to continue crafting legislation to reduce gas usage in the state, including modifications to this bill to keep prices reasonable for all customers. Fairness and transparency are both important to us in Quaker Voice on Washington Public Policy as progress towards emission goals. We want to see both reflected in the bill.


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