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This program of Quaker Voice brings young adults into contact with issues in the state legislature, encouraging their active engagement in the legislative process in ways that reflect Quaker values. The model for the program is the Advocacy Corps of the Friends Committee on National Legislation.

Quaker Voice recruits the Voices among young adults ages 16-30 and trains them on the legislative process. Each Voice joins a working group, develops background materials, and tracks legislation on an issue. The Quaker Voice legislative advocate provides training for the participants, along with Quaker Voice citizen advocates, on the state legislative process and lobbying visits. The YQVs extend the capacity of the working groups to follow issues but they do not engage in lobbying as part of the program.

The application process for the 2023 legislative session will open in September 2022. Watch this page for the announcement. Watch the final report of last two sessions Young Quaker Voices here:  

2022 Presentation and discussion with the Young Quaker Voices — April 2022 Pacific Northwest Quarterly Meeting

2021 Presentation and discussion with young activists with Quaker Voice for Washington Public Policy, describing their work in the Washington legislative process. ~ Spring 2021 Pacific Northwest Quarterly Meeting

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