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Work Plan for Criminal Justice


      1. Give priority to efforts to repair the harm suffered by victims over attempts to punish offenders
      2. Identify and address the causes of crime
      3. Replace costly incarceration for both juvenile and adult offenders through diversion, drug treatment, job training, and education whenever appropriate
      4. Redress the racial inequity of our current criminal justice system
      5. Support offenders’ efforts to redeem themselves and reintegrate into society


    1. Restorative Justice
      1. Support educational programs on restorative justice statewide
      2. Support increased use of restorative justice programs as options for diversion of juvenile offenders in jurisdictions statewide
    2. Sentencing Reform and increased support for re-entry
      1. Repeal the Death Penalty
      2. Support higher education opportunities for prisoners
      3. Develop a program for earned release based on a sentence review board
      4. End the sentence of life without the possibility of parole for juveniles
      5. Reform Three Strikes law
    3. Gun Violence
      1. Explore avenues to address gun violence such as resolving victim-offender tensions, gun control, and influences on gang dynamics
    4. Drug Law Reform
      1. Educate legislators and public about racial disparities in arrests and prosecution
      2. Legalize marijuana, treating its abuse as a public health issue. I-502 has passed, with support from FCWPP.
    5. Voting Rights
      1. Update wording on voter registration forms to match the voting rights restoration law
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