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Work Plan for Equality and Economic Justice, including Health Care


    1. Protect the safety net for economically or physically challenged state residents, permitting them to be healthier contributors to their communities
    2. Prevent levels of disparity in wealth and opportunity that lead to social dysfunction and increased criminal activity
    3. Create and maintain programs, systems, and institutions required to keep people in good physical health


    1. Support increased access to health care by expanding Medicaidto restore coverage formerly provided through Basic Health Plan and Disability Lifeline
    2. Maintain or increase support for women’s health and family planning
    3. Protect remaining social safety net, seeking opportunities to repair that net
      1. Oppose any reduction of Basic Health Plan benefits and Disability Lifeline support, documenting the costs of not maintaining these programs
      2. Reinstate eliminated programs needed to support neighbors whose challenges have not been eliminated
    4. Tax reform: Reform the state tax structure to be more equitable and create revenue needed to restore and retain basic services such as education, health care, and the support needed by those we label disabled
      1. Continue active work as part of the revenue coalition: Our Economic Future
      2. Support efforts to close special interest tax loopholes and regularly review such targeted benefits
      3. Support taxing incomes in excess of $200,000/year/individual and $400,000/year/couple
    5. Marriage Equality: R-74 has been approved, with support from FCWPP.
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