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Efficiency First bill hearings next week

Dear Friends,

Energy efficiency is the cheapest, quickest and cleanest way to meet rising energy needs, confront climate change and boost our economy. More than 30% of Washington’s greenhouse-gas emissions come from energy use in buildings.

Join us in Olympia for a hearing on Efficiency First

A pair of hearings at the State Capitol on the Efficiency First bills will be held the first week of February. Members of the committees hearing these bills are listed below. The hearings will be held:

 Monday, Feb. 2, 1:30 p.m., on HB 1747, by the House Technology, Energy & Communications Committee in the John L. O’Brien Building, House Room B

 Wednesday, Feb. 4, 3:30 p.m. by the Senate Environment, Water & Energy Committee in the Cherberg Building, Senate Room 4, on a companion bill being filed,

The Efficiency First legislative package, one of the four environmental priority bills FCWPP and the state’s Environmental Priorities Coalition is supporting for 2009, is designed to carry out the recommendations of the Governor’s Climate Action Team. HB 1747 will:

* Promote super-efficient, low-energy-use buildings. * Require disclosure of buildings’ energy use information (similar to a vehicle’s MPG rating) to prospective buyers. * Make our public buildings models of energy efficiency. * Provide for energy-saving upgrades to existing buildings. * Help reduce low-income households’ utility bills.

Putting Efficiency First by making homes, businesses and public institutions more energy efficient will save money, create good local jobs, enhance energy security and speed the economic recovery while making our state a regional and national clean-energy leader.

For more information on the Efficiency First campaign, visit involved/washington/efficiency-first .

To learn more about all of the 2009 Environmental Priorities, visit

House Technology, Energy and Communications Committee MembersRepresentative Room Phone McCoy, John (D) Chair LEG 132A (360) 786-7864 Eddy, Deborah (D) Vice Chair LEG 132D (360) 786-7848 Crouse, Larry (R) * LEG 425A (360) 786-7820

Haler, Larry (R) ** LEG 122D (360) 786-7986 Carlyle, Reuven (D) JLOB 326 (360) 786-7814 Condotta, Cary (R) LEG 122B (360) 786-7954 Finn, Fred (D) JLOB 430 (360) 786-7902 Hasegawa, Bob (D) JLOB 425 (360) 786-7862 Herrera, Jaime (R) JLOB 416 (360) 786-7850Hinkle, Bill (R) JLOB 401 (360) 786-7808 Hudgins, Zachary (D) LEG 438A (360) 786-7956 Jacks, Jim (D) JLOB 322 (360) 786-7924 McCune, Jim (R) JLOB 413 (360) 786-7824 Morris, Jeff (D) LEG 430 (360) 786-7970 Takko, Dean (D) JLOB 323 (360) 786-7806 Van De Wege, Kevin (D) JLOB 316 (360) 786-7916 *Ranking Minority Member **Asst. Ranking Minority Member

Senate Environment, Water & Energy Committee Members Senator RoomPhone Rockefeller, Phil (D) Chair JAC 218 (360) 786-7644 Pridemore, Craig (D) Vice Chair JAC 212 (360) 786-7696 Honeyford, Jim (R) * INB 107 (360) 786-7684

Delvin, Jerome (R) INB 201 (360) 786-7614 Fraser, Karen (D) LEG 404 (360) 786-7642 Hatfield, Brian (D) JAC 239 (360) 786-7636 Holmquist, Janéa (R) INB 106B (360) 786-7624 Marr, Chris (D) LEG 417 (360) 786-7610 Morton, Bob (R) INB 115D (360) 786-7612 Ranker, Kevin (D) LEG 402 (360) 786-7678 Sheldon, Tim (D) LEG 412 (360) 786-7668 *Ranking Minority Member

For comprehensive information on legislators, bills, committees and calendars, go

Thanks for your support.

Daniel Clark, Chair Local Response to Global Changes Working Group Friends Committee on Washington Public Policy 509-522-0399,  PO Box 1222, Walla Walla WA 99362

Kerri Chechovic

Washington Environmental Council

1402 Third Avenue, Suite 1400 Seattle, Washington 98101

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