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FCWPP Public Policy Agenda 2011

approved by FCWPP Steering Committee – January 15, 2011 1. CRIMINAL JUSTICE     a. Goals:          i. Give priority to efforts to repair the harm suffered by victims over applying punishments to offenders        ii. Enable offenders to redeem themselves and reintegrate into society       iii. Replace costly incarceration through diversion, drug treatment, job training, and education iv. Redress racial inequity of current criminal justice system b. Objectives:         i. Restorative Justice: Seek passage of enabling legislation to allow local law enforcement agencies            and courts to:
  • Develop diversion programs that bring victims, offenders, and the community together to mend the harm done
  • Determine which crimes and which individuals are best served by these programs
  • Draft legislative language to define restorative justice

ii. Sentencing Reform

  •  Establish a sentencing review board, reduce sentence lengths, and expand earned release
  • End the sentence of life without the possibility of parole for juveniles
  • Reform Three Strikes law; use Indeterminate Sentence Review Board
  • Death Penalty:  Register our moral objection to the death penalty

      iii. Drug Reform

  • Educate legislators and public about racial disparities in arrests and prosecution
  • Decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana
  • Work toward regulation of marijuana use and production, treating its abuse as a public health problem.

      iv. Voting Rights for Ex-Prisoners

  • Delete misleading language on the ballot envelope and oppose bill to rescind voting rights restoration for ex-prisoners

  2. LOCAL RESPONSES to GLOBAL CHALLENGES      a. Goals: i. Protect the health of our people and our environment          ii. Promote population stabilization         iii. Ensure responsible transportation options for sustainability iv. Provide local control over state investments b. Objectives

  • Preserve Environmental Protection Programs
  • Protect funding for the Take Charge program to promote population stabilization
  • Provide Transportation Choices.  

Support:   1.Cost Benefit Law for Multimodal Transportation Investments

                       2. Transportation Funding to Include Multimodal options

                       3. Complete Streets program to assure Multimodal accessibility

  • Establish the Washington Investment Trust (formerly state bank) – Please see Action Updates for details!
  • Coal Free Future for Washington: Address environmental impacts of coal and phase out TransAlta plant.

  3.  ECONOMIC JUSTICE, INCLUDING HEALTH CARE       a. Goals: Maintain and protect the safety net for economically challenged state residents that benefits society by permitting individuals to be healthy contributors to the communities and keeping people healthy and out of jail. b. Objectives:

  • Support State Health Care Programs: Maintain programs for the Basic Health Plan (BHP), Disability Lifeline (DL; formerly GA-U), Apple Health for Kids, Community Health Services, and Community Health Clinics (maintain programs even if funds are cut)
  • Health Care Reform: Draft and implement rules for national health care act at the state level to maximize benefits for the social safety net
  • Tax reform: Reform tax structure to be more equitable
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