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Port Townsend Petition

We the undersigned citizens of Port Townsend and Jefferson County petition you to protect our right to know about safety risks associated with the West Coast’s major weapons transfer depot NavMag Indian Island by specifically objecting to the National Defense Authorization Act Section 1014: Treatment under Freedom of Information Act…

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Port Townsend and the Navy

Port Townsend residents and other concerned citizens have been attempting to obtain documents from the Navy regarding safety risks associated with the weapons transfer depot at Indian Island.  Recently, they won a Supreme Court decision but the Navy has inserted into the Defense Authorization Act language that would nullify citizen…

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Local political leaders act on Port Townsend Friends concern

The following resolution calling for cuts in military spending and specifically opposing the Bangor wharf expansion was composed and promoted by Port Townsend Friends. They brought it to the Jefferson County Democrats and it was adopted on June 28, 2011. CUT MILITARY SPENDING: DO NOT FUND THE EXPANSION OF THE EXPLOSIVES…

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Restore Cuts in Early Education; Eliminate Tax Exemptions – 4/13/2011

HB 2078 would restore cuts in early education by eliminating certain tax exemptions    In prticular, HB 2078 would:1. Eliminate certain tax breaks for first-mortgage interest earnings of large banks.2. Eliminate tax breaks for out-of-state shoppers.3. The funds retrieved under these provisions would go to the education legacy trust account and…

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Regulation of Marijuana for Medical use – 4/13/2011

E2SSB 5073 would:1. Establish a regulatory system for producing, processing, and dispensing cannabis (marijuana) intended for medical use.2. Establish protections from criminal liability and arrest for qualifying patients, designated providers, health care professionals, licensed producers, licensed processors, and licensed dispensers.3. Establish a voluntary registry in which qualifying patients and designated…

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