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Port Townsend Petition

We the undersigned citizens of Port Townsend and Jefferson County petition you to protect our right to know about safety risks associated with the West Coast’s major weapons transfer depot NavMag Indian Island by specifically objecting to the National Defense Authorization Act Section 1014: Treatment under Freedom of Information Act of Certain Department of Defense Critical Infrastructure Information. The Department of Defense is attempting to nullify the outcome of a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision, Milner v. Navy, decided on March 7, 2011.   The 8-1 decision by the Supreme Court addressed whether the Navy could withhold specific explosives information at NAVMAG Indian Island.  Explosives Safety Quantity Distance (ESQD) arc information is used for safety purposes.  The Navy released this same type of information for the Trident submarine base at Bangor, Washington.    The Navy would like Congress to pass Section 1014 for two specific reasons involving NAVMAG Indian Island:  …

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Port Townsend and the Navy

Port Townsend residents and other concerned citizens have been attempting to obtain documents from the Navy regarding safety risks associated with the weapons transfer depot at Indian Island.  Recently, they won a Supreme Court decision but the Navy has inserted into the Defense Authorization Act language that would nullify citizen access to this information.  The House has passed this bill and it is now pending in the Senate  The Navy may be out of compliance with rules regarding safe distances for explosive handling but if this bill is enacted into law citizens will be unable to document this.  A petition is being circulated to elected officials and the matter will be before the Jefferson County Commissioners this coming Tuesday, July 5 at 9AM at the Jefferson County Courthouse in Port Townsend. Congressional action is expected in early August.  The petition is being circulated at the Port Townsend Co-op, Saturday Farmers'…

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Local political leaders act on Port Townsend Friends concern

The following resolution calling for cuts in military spending and specifically opposing the Bangor wharf expansion was composed and promoted by Port Townsend Friends. They brought it to the Jefferson County Democrats and it was adopted on June 28, 2011. CUT MILITARY SPENDING: DO NOT FUND THE EXPANSION OF THE EXPLOSIVES HANDLING WHARF AT NAVAL BASE KITSAP/BANGOR WHEREAS, unprecedented budget deficits and national debt threaten the stability of our economic and social systems, and have already necessitated deep cuts to essential government services at every level of government; and WHEREAS, only the U.S. military budget has thus far escaped such cuts and in fact has now risen to more than half of the federal discretionary budget, and accounts for almost half of ALL military spending worldwide; and WHEREAS, a substantial portion of the military budget is dedicated to weapons programs the Pentagon does not require for current missions and/or which are…

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Port Townsend Minute and Queries on Cutting Funding for Nuclear Arms Programs

To the President and Our Members of Congress:   In the face of record budget deficits and debt, and with so many urgent demands placed on that overstrained budget, we call upon you to find strategic and sensible ways to make deep cuts in Pentagon spending.  The time has come to critically evaluate each program and to immediately slash or eliminate those that have outlived their relevance, or pose more peril than potential benefit.    First among these is the nuclear weapons program.   The recently concluded New START Treaty is, as its name suggests, a fresh beginning.  But it does not go nearly far enough towards permanently eliminating these horrific weapons of mass destruction.  As the leading nuclear power, the U.S. should vigorously take the lead down the road to nuclear disarmament—actively exploring every pathway towards the vision outlined in the President’s Prague speech of April 5, 2009—and not…

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Port Townsend Friends Working for Peace – Cutting local military spending

The mission of the Friends Committee on Washington Public Policy is to express Quaker testimony and values in Washington State public affairs.  Most frequently, this has meant that FCWPP has lobbied in Olympia for state legislation related to those concerns.  But there are times when it is necessary to step into the national arena in order to address local concerns.  This is one such time. Many of the state programs FCWPP has championed in the past are at least partially dependent upon federal funding.  In many cases, this dependency has increased in the face of state cutbacks.  Now, in the context of record budget deficits and runaway federal debt, federal funding for many social services is threatened as well.  Only the military budget, already a full 57 percent of federal discretionary spending, has remained immune to the latest round of cuts, and in fact continues to grow.  Both out of…

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