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FCWPP Public Policy Agenda: 2012

This is a broad statement of FCWPPP’s goals and objectives.  Specific action items will develop out of this agenda and will be communicated through action alerts as the legislative session progresses.


Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice Goals:            i.      Give priority to efforts to repair the harm suffered by victims over attempts to punish offenders.           ii.      Identify and address the causes of crime.          iii.      Replace costly incarceration through diversion, drug treatment, job training, and education whenever appropriate.          iv.      Redress the racial inequity of our current criminal justice system.           v.      Support offenders’ efforts to redeem themselves and reintegrate into society.   Criminal Justice Objectives:    i.      Restorative Justice: Support increased use of Restorative Justice programs as options for diversion of juvenile offenders    ii.      Sentencing Reform and increased support for re-entry

  • Maintain and expand earned early release and parole
  • Retain funding for alcohol and drug dependency programs
  • Repeal the Death Penalty

  iii.      Drug Law Reform

  • Legalize and regulate marijuana use and cultivation, treating its abuse as a public health issue

   iv.      Voting Rights

  • Protect and increase voting rights for ex-prisoners


Economic Justice, including Health Care and Marriage Equality

Economic Justice Goals:           i.      Maintain and protect the safety net for economically or physically challenged state residents, which benefits society by permitting individuals to be healthier contributors to their communities          ii.  Prevent levels of disparity in wealth and opportunity that lead to social dysfunction and increased criminal activity          iii.  Create and maintain programs, systems, and institutions required to keep people in good physical health Economic Justice Objectives:            i.      Health Care Public Option: Help implement federal health care reform to enhance access, maintain and improve quality while controlling costs, and support a Public Option for comprehensive delivery of quality Health Care at the lowest cost possible on the state level.           ii.      Increase state support for Family Planning          iii.      Social Safety Net: Protect and repair what is left of the social safety net and look for opportunities to repair that net

  • Oppose any additional reduction of Basic Health Plan benefits or reductions of support provided through Disability Lifeline
  • Reinstate programs still needed by our challenged neighbors

          iv.      Tax reform: Reform the state tax structure to be more equitable and create revenue needed to restore and retain basic services such as education, health care, and the support needed by those we label disabled

  • Support efforts to close tax loopholes that do not benefit our state as a whole

           v.      Marriage Equality: Support marriage for same-sex couples  

Local Responses to Global Challenges

Global Challenges Goals:          i.      Maintain the environmental balance that supports the needs of all living creatures while also protecting public health and providing an improved quality of life         ii.      Ensure an improved economic future by not wasting or compromising our environmental resources        iii.      Provide local control over state assets to increase state resources Global Challenges Objectives:         i.      Fulfill Clean Energy Initiative supporting jobs and economic development        ii.      Prevent attempts to weaken, delay, or roll back state environmental laws and programs that are critical for clean air, clean water, and healthy communities        iii.      Reduce the costs born by taxpayers, such as for regulation, to protect our environment        iv.      Establish a State Financial Institute         v.      Support Family Planning (see 2.b.ii, above)         vi.      Public Transit: Seek new revenue to restore and expand service

Support Peace

Peace Goals: Support Quaker Testimonies for Peace Peace Objectives          i.      Oppose funding of the expansion of the explosives handling wharf at the Kitsap/Bangor naval base         ii.      Prevent exploitation of the public investment in education to support military recruitment

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