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Our Testimony on Rent Stabilization

Chris Ferguson submitted our official testimony to both House and Senate Housing Committees about our support for the rent stabilization legislation. He wrote:

“Quaker Voice on Washington Public Policy commends the House Housing Committee for responding to the massive wave of rent increases that has washed over our state in recent years.  We thank the authors of HB 2114 in particular for crafting an effective vehicle to counter an injustice that has forced over 136,000 households to move in just the first six months of 2023.  Please keep in mind, too, that given long-standing racial disparities in home ownership, household wealth, poverty, and rental occupancies, housing injustice is also racial and economic injustice.  We must regard housing as more than a commodity for the mining of profits; housing that all people can afford is essential for healthy families, viable neighborhoods, and resilient communities in which all people can realize their full potential.”

Thanks, Chris

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