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Juneteenth 2023 — one step closer

Juneteenth is a celebration of Emancipation, the biggest step Americans have taken away from the horrors of slavery and towards a society with true equality. The Washington legislature took another step, smaller but important, in the 2023 legislative session. They passed HB 1474 and established the Covenant Home Ownership Fund,…

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Less plastic — our testimony on HB 1085

Ranae Hanson submitted the following testimony to the Senate Environment, Energy, and Technology Committee: My name is Ranae Hanson; I live in the 43rd District. I am writing on behalf of Quaker Voice on Washington Public Policy in support of SHB 1085, Reducing Plastic Pollution. We support this bill both…

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Speaking up for transgender healthcare

Quaker Voice sent the following letter to members of the House Health Care and Wellness Committee. Quaker Voice on Washington Public Policy opposes HB 1214. This act bans and criminalizes best-practice medical care for transgender young people, prohibiting them from receiving gender transition procedures such as prescribed drugs or surgical…

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Crisis Relief Centers — our testimony

Submitted to the Senate Ways and Means Committee on February 21 -- My name is Susan Cozzens. I am writing on behalf of Quaker Voice on Washington Public Policy to support SB 5120, “Establishing 23-hour crisis relief centers in Washington State.” As Quakers, we work towards a society in which…

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Right to Repair — more testimony

Thank you, Committee Chair Amy Walen and the House Consumer Protection & Business Committee I am Patricia Boiko, testifying on behalf of Quaker Voice on Washington Public Policy in support of House Bill 1392 because as Quakers, a faith-based group, we have a testimony of simplicity. As a senior citizen,…

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Right to Repair — we have testified

From Ian Stanfield -- For the last few years, Quaker Voice on Washington Public Policy has been supporting the passage of right to repair legislation. This year, that is House Bill 1392 and its companion Senate Bill 5464. Both bills had their public hearings last week, and Quaker Voice provided…

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Finally, steps towards redress in housing — our testimony

Washington state legislators have introduced important legislation that creates a special purpose credit program to reduce racial disparities in homeownership in the state by providing down payment and closing cost assistance to qualified applicants. HB 1474 and its companion SB 5496 address systemic racism in the real estate, banking, and…

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Behavioral Health Workforce — our testimony

Here is the testimony Celestine West submitted on HB 1348, "Establishing behavioral health support specialists," which has a companion bill in the Senate (SB 5189): I am Celestine West, a retired psychiatric nurse now living in Seattle. I am submitting this testimony in favor of HB 1348 on behalf of…

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Washington Future Fund — our letter

Sent to the members of the Senate Human Services Committee (in support of SB 5125) and the House Human Services, Youth, and Early Learning Committee (in support of HB 1094), January 25, 2023 Quaker Voice on Washington Public Policy, a network of legislative advocates from Quaker communities across the state,…

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