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Quaker Lobby Day, January 25, 2024 — register now


The 2024 session of the Washington Legislature has already started. Quaker Lobby Day is happening earlier this year, so that we can maximize our impact. Please join us in Olympia or online on Thursday, January 25, to raise our Quaker voices. Register at this link now so that we can have appointments with your legislators ready for you.

You will have several opportunities ahead of Lobby Day to learn about our priority bills, a chance to practice how to do a lobby visit, and someone to go with you if you are the only one from your district. The full schedule of opportunities will be sent when you register. You can also see it at 2024 Quaker Lobby Day — Quaker Voice (

These face-to-face meetings are our most influential moment, a special chance to share our testimonies with our representatives. We hope to see you there.

The Quaker Voice Board

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