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Reduce the Prison Population

Washington will have to spend $290 million on a new prison, if this one last criminal justice bill is not in the budget. SB 5755 (or its companion: HB1885) is necessary to implement the budget (NTIB) and required if we are to reduce the trend of a year after year increase in the number of people we incarcerate in our state.
  • SB 5755 provides local law enforcement grants to reduce property crimes (Washington has the highest property rate in the nation) and reduce the number of people we put in prison.
  • SB 5755 also reinstates community custody and supervision (aka “probation”) to support, encourage, or coerce treatment of alcohol and substance abuse, or mental illness, which are contributing problems for more than 80 percent of the people committing property crimes. This will reduce the number of people who commit additional property crimes in our state.

Please send your representatives and senator an email today requesting they advocate fully funding SB5755 or its companion HB1885 (mention both) in the state budget to reduce property crime, increase public safety, and remove the need to build a new prison. Click Here to find out who represents you in Olympia and how to send them email. For more information about these bills click: Justice Reinvestment Task Force Excerpts

Let us know you contacted your legislators by sending a copy (cc:) of your email to


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