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Voice your support for a capital gains tax

Send Legislators an email today

One thing is clear as legislative budget negotiators continue their deliberations: our current regressive tax system (most regressive in the nation according to The Seattle Times) does not provide the revenue needed to fully fund education, repair our shredded social safety net, and maintain funding for programs that survived the recently ended recession. One unfunded proposal FCWPP lobbied for this session was to restore the 15 percent cut made in 2011 to grants for Temporary Aid to Needy Families (TANF). This would have increased the current grant of $462/month for a family of three to $562/month. This has so far not appeared in any budget proposal. Five proposals address the issues of insufficient revenue and regressive taxation with capital gains taxes on gains in excess of $500,000/couple/year ($250,000/individual):

  • The Governor’s proposed budget with a 7 percent capital gains tax
  • The House’s proposed budget with a 5 percent capital gains tax
  • SJR 8206 (supporting a Constitutional Amendment)
  • SB 6102
  • SB 6104

Despite 57 percent public support for a capital gains taxes on high earners, which the Everett Herald said “are fair and allow the state to begin making up for past losses to programs and employee compensation,” the governor’s office was recently barraged with 4,000 calls in opposition to his proposals (see Morning Fizz, scroll down to issue #3). Senators and Representatives are also hearing from those who oppose. They need to hear from supporters. FCWPP advocates support for a capital gains tax to reverse the regressive impacts of our current state tax structure, provide our state with needed revenue, and support Friends’ Testimonies on Equality. We encourage you to send an email or call your state representatives and senator today to encourage their support for a capital gains tax. Tell them you support the more comprehensive services and education package supported by the House Budget, and a capital gains tax to generate revenue required to help pay for them. Click HERE for help sending email to your representatives and senator.

Let us know you contacted your legislators by sending a copy (cc:) of your email to
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