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Reform LFOs: HB1783


Legal Financial Obligations (LFOs) impose punishing burdens that tether low-income people to the criminal justice system for years after they have served their time. .  LFOs (fines, court fees, restitution, etc.) need reform so that former prisoners can reconstruct their lives and contribute to society.

HB 1783 would (1) eliminate the current 12% interest rate on non-restitution LFOs, (2) require that courts take account of ability to pay in imposing non-restitution costs, while (3) placing restitution first in line to receive those payments that are made. This bipartisan bill was passed 91-7 in the House. Please contact your state Senator to urge reform of a law that punishes poverty and to ask for a YES vote on HB 1783 in its current form.  The Senate Law and Justice Committee is expected to vote on this bill on Tuesday or Wednesday, followed by votes in the Senate Ways and Means Committee, and then in the Senate as a whole.   Thank You, Quake Voice on Washington Public Policy Criminal Justice Working Group

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