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Successes on FCWPP-supported bills … and work left to do

Two issues from FCWPP’s workplan are still being considered by the Washington legislature. Both will be decided by Thursday, and both are in the Supplemental Operations Budget that the House submitted last week to the Senate.

  • The effort to reduce crime by providing post-secondary education opportunities to eligible individuals while incarcerated is supported with a $50,000 proviso given to the Department of Corrections for a report to the 2015 legislature about the benefits of such a program.
  • Increased access to health care is supported with a study by the Health Care Authority to determine how the state can take advantage of opportunities created by the Affordable Care Act to build on the former Basic Health Plan and best use federal subsidies to provide increased care to low-income residents. Both the Governor and the House Budgets provide $500,000 for this purpose.

Please contact your state senator today to express your view about including the above provisos in the Senate’s Budget. The following are FCWPP-supported bills, all of which originated in the state House, that made it out of the state Senate last week: HB 1651: Youth Opportunity Act.  Passed Senate 48-0, but with amendment that requires that, before sealing a juvenile offender’s record, a court must determine, upon the objection of any person or other compelling reason identified by the court, whether sealing is appropriate.  House has since concurred with Senate amendments, with final House passage 97-1.  Chief sponsor: Rep. Ruth Kagi, who exerted a crucial burst of effort to convince the Senate Committee on Human Services and Corrections to move it out of that Committee. HB 1840: Prohibits firearms for persons under protection orders.  Passed Senate 49-0 and  delivered to Governor.  HB 1840 prohibits obtaining or possessing a firearm and surrender of firearms already in possession for persons who represent a credible threat to the physical safety of an intimate partner or child.  Chief sponsor: Rep. Roger Goodman. HB 2164: Provides evidence-based or research-based programs for juveniles adjudicated with an illegal firearm.  Passed Senate 44-5.  House has since concurred with Senate amendments, with final House passage 77-19.  Chief sponsor: Rep. Tina Orwall. HB 2080: Vacates fishing-right convictions for Native Americans.  Passed Senate 49-0 and delivered to Governor.  Provides for vacation of convictions for persons exercising a tribal treaty fishing right.  Chief sponsor: Rep. David Sawyer Thank you for helping achieve these successes! FCWPP Legislative Committee If you would like to find out how your legislators voted on a bill, click on the Bill Search tab on the Home Page for the Legislature and search for the bill number (no letters). Under  2014 REGULAR SESSION and then IN THE HOUSE or IN THE SENATE the bottom line says “Third reading, …”  and the result with a link to View Roll Calls. Click on the link, then look for the names of your legislators.  This is a good time to send them a quick email saying, “Thank you for your vote on bill  HB XXXX.” ________________________________________________________________ In addition to your direct involvement in advocacy, FCWPP needs your financial support to continue its work. Credit card contributions may be made online at, by clicking on the “Donate” button near the top of the page on the right. Directions for making contributions by check is also on the website.  Because FCWPP is a lobbying organization, contributions are not tax deductible.

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