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Your state legislators want to see you

Your elected representatives say they want you to meet with them before the 2015 legislative session begins in January. Many organizations are already firming up their work plans for the 2015 legislative session. Groups are finding legislators who will take lead roles advocating for the bills their constituents want passed,…

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Challenging session ends with several significant successes

This post "Challenging session ends with several significant successes" is also available as a PDF file: 2014 End of Session Report-1. The importance of your voice to the Washington state legislature’s decision making process increases as the Senate’s majority caucus becomes increasingly dominated by other voices that advocate most strongly…

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Successes on FCWPP-supported bills … and work left to do

Two issues from FCWPP’s workplan are still being considered by the Washington legislature. Both will be decided by Thursday, and both are in the Supplemental Operations Budget that the House submitted last week to the Senate. The effort to reduce crime by providing post-secondary education opportunities to eligible individuals while…

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Bill Tracker Feb. 20

Friends- Click here for the status as of Feb. 20 of all the bills the Friends Committee on Washington Public Policy has been working on this session. Bill numbers, which committees the bill is in, and what needs to happen next is listed for each one, along with a brief…

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