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Support HB 1390: Reform of Legal Financial Obligations (LFOs) for released prisoners.

LFOs refer to restitution, fines, public defender costs, incarceration costs, drug treatment, etc.  Provisions of the bill:

  • Accrual of interest (now 12%) on the non-restitution portion is eliminated in the future, and retroactively upon motion of the offender. 
  • A court may not impose non-restitution LFOs on a person found indigent at the time of sentencing.
  • Payments go to restitution as highest priority.

Released prisoners are most often not able to pay these fines with their limited income, which compromises their efforts to rehabilitate themselves.  Relief from this burden will help released prisoners reconstruct their lives, reduce recidivism, and thus enhance public safety.  Remarkably, HB 1390 passed the full House 97 to 0.  Wow!  It should go next to the Senate Law and Justice Committee. Just recently, however, a new bill, SB 6642, emerged from the Senate Law and Justice Committee.  This new bill includes only the third provision above about restitution and does nothing to help the offender reintegrate into society — no mention of reducing interest or sparing indigent offenders of paying LFOs. SB 6642 is now in the Senate Ways and Means Committee.  SB 6642 should not be used to replace the original LFO bill HB 1390, the one that passed the House unanimously, although the language in SB 6642 could easily be incorporated into the far more comprehensive HB 1390.   As you feel led, can you send an email or phone your state Senator in support of HB 1390?  Please indicate that SB 6642 should not replace HB 1390, although its language could be used to complement the provisions of HB 1390. This Alert is being sent to Friends in the districts of Senators who are either members of the Senate Law and Justice Committee (Senators Darneille, Frockt, Padden, O’Ban, Pearson, Pedersen, and Roach) or are judged to be otherwise critical to the passage of HB 1390.  All Senators and their contact information are listed below (note that all phone numbers start with 360-786-). Thanks for all you do! In peace, Criminal Justice Working Group, FCWPP ————————————————————

Member Party Dist. Phone      (360)-786- E-mail
Angel, Jan R 26 7650
Bailey, Barbara R 10 7618
Baumgartner, Michael R 6 7610
Becker, Randi R 2 7602
Benton, Don R 17 7632
Billig, Andy D 3 7604
Braun, John R 20 7638
Brown, Sharon R 8 7614
Carlyle, Reuven D 36 7670
Chase, Maralyn D 32 7662
Cleveland, Annette D 49 7696
Conway, Steve D 29 7656
Dammeier, Bruce R 25 7648
Dansel, Brian R 7 7612
Darneille, Jeannie D 27 7652
Ericksen, Doug R 42 7682
Fain, Joe R 47 7692
Fraser, Karen D 22 7642
Frockt, David D 46 7690
Habib, Cyrus D 48 7694
Hargrove, James D 24 7646
Hasegawa, Bob D 11 7616
Hewitt, Mike R 16 7630
Hill, Andy R 45 7672
Hobbs, Steve D 44 7686
Honeyford, Jim R 15 7684
Jayapal, Pramila D 37 7688
Keiser, Karen D 33 7664
King, Curtis R 14 7626
Liias, Marko D 21 7640
Litzow, Steve R 41 7641
McAuliffe, Rosemary D 1 7600
McCoy, John D 38 7674
Miloscia, Mark R 30 7658
Mullet, Mark D 5 7608
Nelson, Sharon D 34 7667
O’Ban, Steve R 28 7654 steve.o’
Padden, Mike R 4 7606
Parlette, Linda Evans R 12 7622
Pearson, Kirk R 39 7676
Pedersen, Jamie D 43 7628
Ranker, Kevin D 40 7678
Rivers, Ann R 18 7634
Roach, Pam R 31 7660
Rolfes, Christine D 23 7644
Schoesler, Mark R 9 7620
Sheldon, Tim D 35 7668
Takko, Dean D 19 7636
Warnick, Judy R 13 7624
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