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Urgent Climate Action Needed

The lawsuit, Foster v. Dept. of Ecology, has just been decided in favor ofchildren who want the state to do more on climate change!  They are the plaintiffs for Plant for the Planet. The ruling will go to Governor Jay Inslee Monday morning (May 9).  Inslee is likely to instruct the…

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Reform Financial Burdens Placed on Released Prisoners

Yes, this bill is back ... and it's at a crucial point. Your help is needed. 1. Legal Financial Obligations (LFOs) refer to restitution, fines, public defender costs, incarceration costs, drug treatment, etc. 2. Please contact your state senator to move HB 1390 toward passage. This bill on Legal Financial Obligations, as…

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Your Support for Corrections Ombuds Bill is Critical

We are writing you because your state Senator is on the Ways and Means Committee that must make a decision on the Corrections Ombuds bill SB 6154 by next Tuesday, Feb. 9.  Passage through the Senate Ways and Means Committee, chaired by Senator Andy Hill (R; LD45), is critical.   Thus,…

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Post-Secondary ED Passed In Cmte!

The Senate Higher Education Committee just voted on and passed the Post-secondary Education in Prisons bill (SB 6260) by a vote of 7 to 0!  It has now been sent to the Senate Rules Committee. Thanks to all of you who contacted your member of that Committee!  FCWPP has worked…

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Quaker Lobby Day update

We had a technology issue that made our online registration link inoperative the last week or so, but FCWPP is now eagerly awaiting your sign up for Q​uaker Lobby Day on Monday, February 15th.​ With no paid lobbyist this year FCWPP needs your enthusiasm more than ever. Click here to R​egister now​. …

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Post-Secondary ED To Higher ED Cmte 2016

Your state Senator (Legislative Districts 2,6,10,21,30,36,46) is one of seven members of the Senate Higher Education Committee, which is scheduled to vote on the Post-secondary Education in Prisons bill (SB 6260) this Tuesday afternoon (Feb. 2).  FCWPP has worked for many years to get a Post-Secondary Education bill passed.  We ask…

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Ombuds 6154 L&J Cmte

Your state Senator  (WA Legislative Districts 4, 27, 28, 31, 39, 43, 46) is a member of the Senate Law and Justice Committee, which needs to vote on the Corrections Ombuds bill SB 6154 this week (by Feb. 5) for it to have a chance of passing this year.  FCWPP has worked for…

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