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ACTION:   Call your two Representatives and ask them to vote YES on ESB 6411, without amendments.  Call your senator and THANK them for their vote on ESB 6411 (the bill passed the Senate 44-0).  You can call the legislative hotline at (800)562-6000, or see the links below for contact information for your legislators.   BACKGROUND:   Food is the expendable item in a poor family’s budget.  After rent, utilities, gasoline, car payments and insurance, and medical bills, three meals a day all too often take a back seat.   Beginning in the 1930s and into the 1940s, when Franklin Roosevelt articulated his Four Freedoms, including the freedom from want, America made a commitment, if not always perfectly executed, to feed the less fortunate.  When the nutrition programs under the Older Americans Act were created in 1972, authorizing special food programs for the elderly, it was Richard Nixon who pushed for more funding.  Throughout the…

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ACTION:The budgets contain many items of concern to Friends.  Please lookthrough this alert and choose the topics of interest to you, thencontact your legislators to share your thoughts on the matter.  Youcan call the legislative hotline at (800)562-6000 to leave messagesfor all three of your legislators, or see below for how to getspecific contact information for them.BACKGROUND:The operating budget was passed last year with hundreds of millionsof dollars of cuts to social services.  This past Monday, February23, the state House and Senate each released their version of theproposed supplemental operating budget.  These bills will move veryquickly to a floor vote, and then will go into conference committee,where legislators from both houses will try and work out thedifferences between the two bills.  If a bill passes but is strippedof funding, it can sometimes be worse than not passing at all.  Ifthe priorities we have worked for this session are to succeed,…

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Please print and share with your Meeting.   1.  STOP MEDICAID PREMIUMS   Background:   Last year, in the face of a $3 billion budget crisis, the Legislature authorized DSHS to charge premiums for children on the Medicaid and SCHIP (State Children’s Health Insurance) Programs. These premiums haven't started yet, but DSHS has said they could begin charging them as soon as March of this year. Children receiving Medicaid and SCHIP will be charged premiums between $15 and $25 per child, for up to three kids. This means a single family could be charged as much as $75 per month to maintain Medicaid coverage for their children. DSHS estimates that at least 20,000 kids will lose their health coverage if these premiums go through.  The governor's budget this session provided funding to roll back premiums for children up to 150% of the poverty line.  FCWPP joins other faith groups and children's advocates in…

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One of the issues for which Friends have always had a deep concern isthe question of criminal justice.  FCWPP supports rational and humaneapproach to criminal justice, best expressed in a policy statementfrom the Friends Committee on National Legislation: "We urge ourgovernment to work toward a criminal justice system that isrestorative, seeking to return rehabilitated offenders to societywith the restoration of their full rights and obligations."   Thereare two criminal justice issues requiring your immediate action:1.  Special Sex Offender Sentencing Alternative (SSOSA).People accused of sex crimes in Washington may be eligible for theSpecial Sex Offender Sentencing Alternative, or SSOSA, which providesfor a small amount of jail time followed by treatment.  The SSOSA, inaddition to reducing recidivism rates when applied appropriately, isan important tool for both prosecutors and defenders.  When sex abuseoccurs within a family, often the prosecutor cannot get the family tocooperate with prosecution unless the SOSSA option is on the table. Defenders…

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Help Stop The Unnecessary, Expensive and Extreme Eco-terrorism Bill

Action: Contact your senator,  tell them that you are a constituent and that you think SB 6114 is too expensive, extreme and unnecessary, and urge them to oppose it.  If you live in the districts of Senators Kline and Thibadeau, send them your thanks for opposing SB 6114 in the Judiciary committee. Background: If you have ever given money to Greenpeace, picketed a hydro-electric project, or leafleted against the purchase of furs, Senate Bill 6114, “prohibiting ‘terrorist acts’ against animal and natural resource facilities,” affects you. This bill, which has passed the Washington State Senate Judiciary Committee and is now before the Ways and Means Committee, offers a very broad and vague definition of “animal terrorist” that encompasses people who engage in a wide variety of animal and environmental protection activities, including legal, nonviolent ones. We do not condone property damage or personal injury in pursuit of environmental justice, but Washingtonalready has some of the…

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