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A Criminal Justice and a Military Recruitment bill must pass Committees

Friends--Another friendly nudge from you and we may end up with two more good bills passed this session: SB 6790 on prison education and HB 2026 on military recruiting in the schools. Thank you. Post-secondary Education for Prisoners.  SSB6790 is an exciting bill that attempts to reintroduce highereducation into the prison system by starting small. It authorizes two pilot projects that will be closely monitored for evidence that higher education really does reduce recidivism. It has passed the Senate and will most likely make it out of the House Human Services Committee by Tuesday (2/26). Where we need your help next week is with the House Appropriations Committee and, again later, with the Rules Committee. Since state revenues have fallen well short of predictions, legislators are under pressure not to spend money. However, please remind them that the cost of this program is very small, and since returning higher education to our prison system will save us a…

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House Bill 2879 creating new terrorism crimes and expanding the death penalty, and House Bill 2416 greatly expanding wiretap authority in anti-terrorism investigations, passed the House with large majorities in mid-February. HB 2879 was heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday the 28th. Chairman Kline did not let the bill out of Committee, killing it. But the bill has many supporters on both sides of the aisle and both sides of the Rotunda. House members have resurrected the language in the two original House bills and have replaced language in Senate Bill 6704 -- a much more moderateanti-terrorism bill that Senator Kline originally sponsored -- with the harsher House language.ACTION: Call your Representatives, ask them to Vote NO on Senate Bill 6704, when it gets to the House Floor. Tell them you support using existing laws to investigate and prosecute terrorism.Of concern to Friends in the anti-terrorism bill is the creation…

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Friends—Global changes and their impacts  on our state and communities are critical issues which FCWPP will be including in its legislative focus.   This week is an important one, with four major bills before the legislature dealing with how we can build more sustainable communities . Climate change and fossil fuel energy peaking are real and demand serious responses at all levels.    If you can make some calls or write some emails on these issues, this is an excellent time. Questions?  Don’t hesitate to contact  us. Thank you! —Carol Estes, FCWPP Legislative Advocate and Policy Analyst    206-276-9128, —Dan Clark, Chair FCWPP Global Changes Working Group    509-522-0399,   HB 2797 & SB 6580, Local Solutions to Global Warming In order to achieve the State’s goal to significantly reduce global warming pollution, responsible decisions need to be made to reduce driving and promote more efficient, livable communities. The choices…

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BIG WEEK on Criminal Justice!

Friends--This week is an exciting one, with a chance for us to make progress in criminal justice reform. If you can make some calls or write some emails right away, this is an excellent time. Questions? Don’t hesitate to call me at 206-276-9128 or email me at And thank you!   — written by Carol Estes, FCWPP Legislative Advocate and Policy Analyst SB 5295, Corrections Ombudsman. An ombudsman is an independent troubleshooter whose job it is to address problems before they become lawsuits by working with both sides to find solutions. This bill provides for independent oversight of the Department of Corrections (DOC) by establishing the office of corrections ombudsman. The corrections ombudsman can avoid costly lawsuits and at the same time provide more humane conditions for prisoners. ACTION ITEM: DEADLINE – TUESDAY, JAN. 22, NOON ASK the members of the Senate Human Services Committee to pass SB 5295…

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