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Washington Future Fund — our letter

Sent to the members of the Senate Human Services Committee (in support of SB 5125) and the House Human Services, Youth, and Early Learning Committee (in support of HB 1094), January 25, 2023

Quaker Voice on Washington Public Policy, a network of legislative advocates from Quaker communities across the state, strongly supports HB 1094.  In the midst of affluence and an expanding economy, too many Washingtonians remain mired in intergenerational poverty.  The economic and social choices of too many are constrained further by the forces of systemic racism.  Washington Future Fund bonds will break the cycle of poverty for many, allow a greater degree of self-determination for the recipients of these awards, and reduce the economic disparities between rich and poor while narrowing the racial disparity in household wealth.

As people of faith deeply committed to social equality and economic equity, Washington Quakers believe strongly that we must secure a future that respects and supports individuals and families with income at levels that allow self-sufficiency.  We give priority to policies that support intergenerational wealth accumulation in historically disadvantaged communities, especially communities of color.

For these reasons we urge the committee to advance HB 1094 out of the committee and onwards to the next step toward adoption by the Washington legislature.

Susan Cozzens (Redmond) and Chris Ferguson (Tacoma)

On behalf of Quaker Voice on Washington Public Policy

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