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Abolish the Death Penalty


This year we have the best chance in years to abolish the death penalty in Washington State. SB 6052 is in the Senate Rules Committee and needs to be brought to the floor for a vote in the full Senate by Wednesday, Feb. 14.

Can you ask your state Senator to vote for abolishing the death penalty? You can find your senator using your address here. Although we urge all activists to contact their Senators, we especially ask this if your Senator is part of Senate leadership or one of the following who have not yet committed to supporting the bill:


Sen. Mark Mullet – 5th LD, ">, (360) 786-760

Sen. Guy Palumbo – 1st LD, ">">, (360) 786-7600

Sen Steve Conway – 29th LD, ">, (360) 786-7656

Sen. Kevin Van De Wege – 24th LD, ">, (360) 786-7646

Senate Leadership:

Sharon Nelson, Majority Leader, , 360-786-7667

Andy Billig, Deputy Majority Leader, , 360-786-7604

John McCoy, Majority Caucus Chair, , 360-786-7674

Lisa Wellman, Majority Vice Caucus Chair, , 360-786-7641

Marko Liias, Majority Floor Leader, , 360-786-764

Patty Kuderer, Assistant Majority Floor Leader, , 360-786-7694

Rebecca Saldaña, Majority Whip, , 360-786-7688

Karen Keiser, President Pro Tem, , 360-786-7664


If you wish, you may use (and preferably personalize) the sample letter below.

Thank you!

Quaker Voice Criminal Justice Working Group



Sample Letter:

Dear Senator ____,

As a Quaker and like many other persons of faith, I have long believed that the death penalty is immoral and abhorrent to our fundamental values. It does not redress the loss of the victim’s life, it is not swift and certain, its application is plagued with racial disparities, it does not deter, and it places great expenses on the counties where it is prosecuted.

I urge you to vote for SB 6062 to abolish the death penalty in Washington state. Thank you for helping Washington join the many other states that have ended this mistaken practice.


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