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Years of Focused Persistence Pay Off

The 2018 legislative successes resulted from years of building relationships with allies, as well as legislators and their staffs. Finally, prisoners’ Legal Financial Obligations no longer accrue interest at 12% while they are in prison.  Quaker Voice led the successful 2018 effort to establish an independent corrections ombuds, concluding work begun in 2006. This wide variety of fellow legislative activists shows vividly the value of bringing together people with common goals, whether or not their reasons for these goals agree. Each group represented shares the joy of success as our work together produces legislative reform.

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Quaker Lobby Day 2018 Invite

Hello, Friends! You are getting this email because you are on the Quaker Voice Activist list. We're excited that you're interested! We hope your New Year is going well; together, we can make it better. Quaker Lobby Day (10th Annual!) Monday, February 19, 2018 (Presidents’ Day), 9:00-3:00Olympia Friends Meeting House Friends have been a leading voice for social justice for several centuries. Our voice in state government is critically important to many marginalized people in our state - including tens of thousands of state residents who have been enmeshed in the criminal justice system or suffer economic hardship - and who cannot speak effectively for themselves. Quaker Voice on Washington Public Policy invites you to participate in our 10th annual Quaker Lobby Day on Monday, Presidents’ Day,Please join us! Working together, we can do amazing things! Quaker Lobby Day 2018 Registration  

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Call to Join the 4th Annual Meeting of Quaker Voice

CALL to the 4th Annual Meeting of PLEASE COME ~ Bring a Friend Provide a Voice from you Meeting or Church Saturday, September 29, 2018 9 AM~3 PM Eastside Friends Meeting 4160 158th Ave SE, Bellevue Approve a new Board of Directors Listen interactively with Lobbyist Noah Martin— Strategies for building relationships with legislators before Quaker Lobby Day Participate in workshops to set our 2019 legislative agenda in Criminal Justice Environmental Stewardship & Peace Economic Justice Lunch will be provided, also childcare & overnight hospitality if requested HELP US PLAN: Pre-register by emailing Clerk Susan Campbell at or (360) 584-9419. Please provide your name & contact info along with ages of children needing childcare, hospitality requests or special needs Registration  

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Ombuds Passed

Friends, Quaker Voice's very high profile bill for an independent corrections ombuds has just passed the Public Safety Committee on a 9-2 vote and must be voted out of House Appropriations by Tuesday to remain alive this year. One of your representatives is on this Committee. Intense effort is now focused on this reform, one which we have worked on for ten years.Please follow the guide below to send (or better, personalize and send) the sample letter requesting that your legislator help get HB 1889 on the calendar in Appropriations for a vote. If possible, can you do this right now, as time is short? Thanks!   An independent ombuds position would provide transparency and oversight with the Department of Corrections. An Ombuds would address concerns arising from incarcerated people, their families, and staff in our state prisons. You can find your representative by using your address here. The full…

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Abolish the Death Penalty

Friends, This year we have the best chance in years to abolish the death penalty in Washington State. SB 6052 is in the Senate Rules Committee and needs to be brought to the floor for a vote in the full Senate by Wednesday, Feb. 14. Can you ask your state Senator to vote for abolishing the death penalty? You can find your senator using your address here. Although we urge all activists to contact their Senators, we especially ask this if your Senator is part of Senate leadership or one of the following who have not yet committed to supporting the bill: Uncommitted: Sen. Mark Mullet - 5th LD,, (360) 786-760 Sen. Guy Palumbo - 1st LD,, (360) 786-7600 Sen Steve Conway - 29th LD,, (360) 786-7656 Sen. Kevin Van De Wege - 24th LD,, (360) 786-7646 Senate Leadership: Sharon Nelson, Majority Leader,, 360-786-7667 Andy…

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