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Ombuds Passed


Quaker Voice’s very high profile bill for an independent corrections ombuds has just passed the Public Safety Committee on a 9-2 vote and must be voted out of House Appropriations by Tuesday to remain alive this year. One of your representatives is on this Committee.

Intense effort is now focused on this reform, one which we have worked on for ten years.Please follow the guide below to send (or better, personalize and send) the sample letter requesting that your legislator help get HB 1889 on the calendar in Appropriations for a vote. If possible, can you do this right now, as time is short? Thanks!  

An independent ombuds position would provide transparency and oversight with the Department of Corrections. An Ombuds would address concerns arising from incarcerated people, their families, and staff in our state prisons.

You can find your representative by using your address here.

The full text of the bill can be found here.

Thank you,

Quaker Voice Criminal Justice Working Group


To my representative,

I’m delighted that a crucial bill, HB 1889 for an independent corrections ombuds, has passed the Public Safety Committee on a 9-2 vote. As a member of the Appropriations Committee, can you ask Rep. Chandler to put this critical bill, HB 1889, on the calendar for a vote?

This bill is important to me because an independent ombuds would bring to light and help resolve concerns that arise among incarcerated persons, their families, and the staff. As a Quaker, my advocacy for an independent ombuds position is the contemporary expression of our historical advocacy for prison reform.

Thank you for all you do.


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