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The Right to Repair bill did not get out of our State House of Representatives last session. It would give us the right to have our computers and electronics repaired by independent service people or repair them ourselves. It speaks directly to our environmental stewardship and simplicity testimonies.  Thank you…

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Invasive Species

Environmental Stewardship Working Group Member, Sarah Grace Vasquez, has been following invasive species and their effects on the environment.  She shared these resources with us about how Washington State responds to invasive species. 1.The Department of Agriculture in Washington is concerned about Hornets and Beetles. a. The Dept. Ag runs…

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Environmental Stewardship Alert 2/13/19

Help Clean Up Washington’s Transportation Fuels An important bill that would improve the efficiency of fuel used for transportation in Washington State needs your support. HB 1110  and its companion bill in the Senate SB 5412 would establish a Clean Fuels Program to limit the greenhouse gas emissions per unit of…

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Environmental Stewardship Alert 2/5/19

Two bills crucial for the future of our state's ecology need help to make their way through the Washington State legislature. Both bills are important steps to prevent the worst effects of climate change: HB 1112 would direct both the Department of Ecology and the Department of Enterprise Services to…

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