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Quaker Voice Alert: Ask Your Representative to Support the Oil Spill Prevention Act!


Our partners in the Environmental Priorities Coalition and the Washington Environmental Council are encouraging all of us to contact our representatives immediately to support 2SSB 6269. This bill has already passed the Senate 42-7. Please ask your Representative to take action now to bring this bill to a floor vote in the House.
We need 2SSB 6269 to avoid falling behind in implementing proven prevention and preparedness measures for oil spills, like inspecting oil transfers and marine vessels. At the same time, out-of-state oil companies are taking advantage of a tax exemption for oil arriving by pipelines. It is only fair that the industry jeopardizing our safety pays for protection needed to manage the risk of oil.

You can find your representative and their contact information using your address here.

In peace,
Quaker Voice Environmental Stewardship Working Group
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