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Quaker Voice Alert: Help Us Abolish the Death Penalty in WA!


Our long sought effort to abolish the Death Penalty in Washington State is now at its final hurdle before passage. It has already passed the Senate, and must pass through the House Rules Committee and be brought to a vote before the House. Please email or phone your Representatives to support the passage of SB 6052 to abolish the Death Penalty.

A sample message, which you can send as is, or preferably modify to be more personal, is given below. You can find your representatives and their contact information by entering your address here.

Thank you!

Quaker Voice Criminal Justice Working Group

To Representative [Their Name],

I urge you to support SB 6052, the bill to abolish the Death Penalty in Washington State.
It has passed the Senate and is now in the House Rules Committee. I ask you and your colleagues to bring SB 6052 to a vote in the House, where I hope that you will vote yes.

Like many other persons of faith, I believe that the death penalty is immoral and counter to our fundamental values. Its application is plagued with racial disparities. It does not deter crime, it is not swift and certain, and does not redress the loss of the victim’s life. In addition, the cost of litigation renders it too expensive to prosecute except in the larger counties.

Thank you for all that you can do!

[your name]



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