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Happy Working People

Criminal Justice

Quaker Voice Annual Meeting Criminal Justice Working Group: Clerk, Sam Merrill. We celebrate the passage in 2018 of not one but two of the criminal justice bills that we have worked on for at least the past ten years: Establish a Corrections Ombuds Office, independent of the Dept. of Corrections (Success): An Independent Corrections Ombuds (HB 1889), after passing the House, also passed the Senate near the end of the session, and has now been signed by the Governor. The ombuds, to be housed in the governor's office, will provide the opportunity for professionals independent of the Department of Corrections to visit prisons, to learn both formally and informally about grievances and concerns of those in prison, attempt to resolve them, and bring conditions to light when appropriate. Such efforts should not only help persons in prison and their families but also help to reduce the costs and acrimony of…

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