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Washington Investment Trust Revisited – 4/13/2011

The effort to establish the Washington Investment Trust — discontinued earlier in this session — is experiencing some degree of rejuvenation.  A new budget-related bill, HB 2040, has been introduced and has already had a hearing.  Like the original bill, HB 2040 creates a task force to develop a means to use the state’s operating cash to finance public infrastructure, student loans, and economic development, and make recommendations to the Legislature on specified topics by December 1, 2011.  It addresses the concerns of the State Treasurer that sidetracked the previous bill.  Overall, it is a step in the direction of fulfilling some of the purposes of the Washington Investment Trust, formerly knows as the state bank.

FCWPP requests that you ask your legislators to support HB 2040.  It is scheduled for a vote in the House Committee on Capital Budget at 8 a.m. on Tuesday, April 12, so it is especially important to contact members of that committee (see list of members and phone numbers below; email addresses are in the form: ).  The Committee Chair, Rep. Dunshee, is the prime sponsor.

Thanks as always for your efforts,

Sam Merrill, Legislative Clerk
Steven Aldrich, Legislative Advocate

Friends Committee on Washington Public Policy (FCWPP)

Capital Budget Committee Members




Dunshee, Hans (D) Chair

MOD F 103

(360) 786-7804

Ormsby, Timm (D) Vice Chair

LEG 122G

(360) 786-7946

Warnick, Judy (R) *

MOD C 201

(360) 786-7932

Zeiger, Hans (R) **

MOD D 201

(360) 786-7968

Asay, Katrina (R)

MOD A 104

(360) 786-7830

Jinkins, Laurie (D)

MOD C 103

(360) 786-7930

Lytton, Kristine (D)

MOD B 203

(360) 786-7800

Moeller, Jim (D)

LEG 429B

(360) 786-7872

Pearson, Kirk (R)

LEG 122E

(360) 786-7816

Smith, Norma (R)

MOD A 202

(360) 786-7884

Tharinger, Steve (D)

MOD E 205

(360) 786-7904

*Ranking Minority Member  **Asst. Ranking Minority Member


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