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Support a Coal-Free Future for Washington – 4/13/2011

FCWPP joins Earth Ministry in the following alert.
Dear Friends of Faith in Washington:
In a grace-filled moment, we recently reached a landmark agreement with the TransAlta Corporation and Governor Gregoire to phase out coal-fired power generation in Washington. The State Senate promptly incorporated the elements of this agreement into the Coal-Free Future for Washington bill and passed E2SSB 5769 with strong bi-partisan support.
However, this agreement still has to pass the House before it can become law. Your Representatives need to hear from you about the importance of a Coal-Free Future for Washington! Please call the State Legislative Hotline at 1-800-562-6000 today and ask your Representatives to VOTE YES ON E2SSB 5769.

The Coal-Free Future for Washington bill phases out burning coal in Washington, protects us from harmful air pollution, and invests in a clean energy future for Lewis County and the rest of the state. It is a resounding YES to protecting the gift of God’s creation.

This agreement shows that by
working together, we can build a model for the nation of how moving from dirty fuels to clean energy can create jobs and build a healthy economy.
This agreement represents common ground and shared values between environmental organizations, the religious community, labor unions, the local community, the TransAlta Corp. and Gov. Gregoire. It was negotiated in good faith, and represents the best outcome for our beloved community.
Please call or email your legislators today and ask them to vote
YES ON E2SSB 5769, A Coal-Free Future for Washington! 
Legislative Hotline: 1-800-562-6000
Look up your Representatives’ email addresses:
Please join Earth Ministry and our partners in supporting this bill for a greener and coal-free Washington!
Daniel N. Clark, Clerk
Local Response to Global Challenges Working Group

Friends Committee on Washington Public Policy?

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