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Support Initiative 522

To: FCWPP Activists, The following recommendation arose from the Local Responses to Global Challenges Working Group and has been approved by the Legislative and Executive Committees. I-522 is the measure on this November's ballot that would require labeling of food containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs). "As members of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) bearing witness to public policy in Washington State, we are called to support Initiative 522 out of our ongoing commitment to truth and integrity. I-522 calls for labeling of foods containing genetically-engineered ingredients, commonly known as GMOs, or “genetically-modified organisms.” Transparency in labeling simply allows people to make better informed choices about something as fundamental as the food they eat. Such integrity reflects our long held values in commercial transactions." Local Responses to Global Challenges Working Group and Legislative Committee

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Help needed today to maintain education funding

Contact your state senator today and ask her (or him) to: Support HB 2064 to fix our state's current estate tax in order to maintain revenue streams dedicated to funding K-12 and higher education, and To block any effort to use HB 2064 to reduce the estate taxes paid by millionaires. Background: The state legislature is currently challenged to find $160 million to fully fund education and comply with the State Supreme Court's McCleary decision. In a separate decision, the State Supreme Court ruled (see Braken decision for more information) statutory language does not exactly support how the Department of Revenue has administered taxes on millionaires' estates, even though others assert Department of Revenue policies followed the intent of the legislature. In the absence of legislative action to correct state statue in light of the Braken decision, next week the Department of Revenue will be forced to pay $130 million…

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Special Session Budget Alert

Legislators continue to negotiate on our state's operations budget. The Senate Budget proposal described in the attached letter not only forces additional cuts in social services this session, it will force additional cuts in future legislative sessions. We need those who represent us in Olympia to know Friends believe we need to find ways to fully fund education and provide for our neighbors in need, even if we must close a few tax loopholes to achieve this goal. Please send a copy of the attached letter to all three of your legislative representatives today. Legislators’ email addresses are in the form:, so, for example, Senator James Hargrove is  Or you can leave a phone message for your representatives using the the Legislative Hotline at 1-800-562-6000. To find the names of your legislators go to the and enter your street address. Thanks for all you do. Steven Aldrich, MPA…

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Support a State Budget that preserves social services and raises needed revenue

Friends,   Please send an email or make a phone call today to ask your representatives in the state legislature to support a state budget that maintains crucial social services and protection of our most vulnerable citizens while making sure the state has the revenue needed to fund these services.   The current House and Senate budgets present two different visions of our common responsibility to our disadvantaged neighbors and to our environment, and two different visions of our state. The people representing you in Olympia need to know which vision you support!   FCWPP endorses the House budget as the vehicle that best balances our state’s educational, social service, and environmental needs, while raising the revenue needed to support these programs.    The House Budget:   1.            Funds education as required by recent Supreme Court rulings 2.            Maintains support for early education and other support programs needed by economically…

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Support full funding of programs established to support Washingtonians who are disabled, blind, or aged.

Contact the two people who represent you in the House of Representatives and the one person in the Senate to request they support full funding of programs established to support Washingtonians who are disabled, blind, or aged. To contact a legislator, either send an email addressed using the form (e.g. Senator Jim Hargrove =, or Click Legislator Finder (this will also give your legislators' names) Input your home address and click on "Find My District"on the webpage Click on "E-mail" under the legislator's address and phone information (you can also call and leave a message). Input your home address information on the new form that appears (sorry) and click on "Next >>" on the webpage Complete the final form, remember to click the circle requesting a response. Senate cuts aid needed by disabled waiting for federal benefits Oregon Live reported last Friday, One of the most contentious cuts…

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